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You CAN End Emotional Eating

You CAN End EMOTIONAL Eating is a 21 day course that will walk you through the steps to ask yourself WHY you're eating or what's really going on with you and your food.

It's time to STOP and THINK about what you're eating and why so you can START living a life you love without guilt. 

*always consult a physician before starting something new and seek professional help if needed. This is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease or medical condition*

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Healthy Journey Journal

Journal to get you started on your whole health journey.

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Unprocessed Woman

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Girl POD Squad

Girl's Pod Squad is a community of women podcasters or those who want to start a podcast.

It's a safe place for exchanging ideas and providing support.

Who couldn't use positive energy from women who also want to make an impact in this world? 

Girl's Pod Squad is a fit for you if you have a positive mindset ready for growth and believe in cross promotion and collaboration.

Each of us brings a unique voice and flavor to our audience and our only competition is ourself. 

ALL areas of our life are connected and affect the other, ESPECIALLY our business. 

It's so crucial to be surrounded with like minded women who support us and our endeavors but also to address areas in our life that keep us healthy and whole: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, relationships (with others and ourself)

Having a place to be open and honest and share some of our  struggles as well as successes knowing we will be validated and encouraged is essential. 

Girl's Pod Squad IS the place to be for both biz and life aspects of your podcast journey. 

What are you waiting for?

Have a message? Use your Voice!

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Three Month Mindset Makeover



Three Month Mindset Makeover Program

For stressed out, overwhelmed, emotional women who want to live life to the fullest and reclaim their body and mindset.

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